Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Card Giveaway #1

UPDATE2: We have a winner!  Contest is over, check out Bust #17 to see what the lucky winner received!

UPDATE: First person to answer correctly gets 5 entries into the random drawing. All other comments, whether you have the answer or not gets 1 entry! Multiple comments do not get you extra entries!

The dugout is full!  So thank yourselves for the clicks b/c now you have a chance to win some free cards!

How to win: Post a comment (on THIS post!) with the correct answer to the trivia question below to become eligible to win.  After 24 hours, I will randomly select (with random.org) the winner online, bust the pack and then ship it out.

The Prize:

The Trivia Question:
All of my trivia questions will be sequentially linked to The Murph's base cards from 1977 onward.  The first question relates to his 1st RC:

The Murph came into the big leagues as a catcher, but we all remember him as an outfielder.  The man in the upper right also came into the league as a catcher (and played there throughout his career), but pulled some duty as a pitcher on 7/19/1987 for the Yankees who were playing the Texas Rangers... and he struck someone out!  Who did Rick Cerone strike out?

You have 24 hours WHENEVER! to post your answer in the comments... Good Luck!

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