Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(4) 1993 Fleer Baseball Boxes... busted.

So, I decided I wanted the first and only PSA GEM Mint 10 1993 Fleer Dale Murphy.  I hop on ebay and find 4 boxes... 20 minutes from my house.  An hour and a half later, I have them in my house and ripping away.  Here is just a smidgen of what I got...

Interesting pictures... can you spot the pop-up? The bowler?  The wild thing?  Ricky Henderson? The hat-under-helmet?  The mostly rear-end shot?  The half empty picture?  The whiff (or foul ball)?  Or the old-geezer knuckle ball?

1993 Eyewear!

Notable players:

Right behind every Randy Johnson was a Dale Murphy:

Some of the inserts way back when (part of the reason I stopped collecting):

7x CRJr's:

7x Ryan Express:

So here are the potential GEMs, not sure if they'll grade that high, what do you think?

These cards weren't a whole lot of fun to rip.  The most annoying fact was that they seemed to have added some complimentary sand and resin in between each card.  Sand and glossy surfaces don't match.  And, there are virtually no rookies worth noting.  I was going for the 1st GEM Murphy card and I think I got close.  The Ryan is probably a 9.  Anyway, thought I'd share, up next will be a 2002 Topps Mauer search.

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  1. My guess is the Murphy at the bottom has the best chance.